Ragequit Corporation debuted their new flight-mech shooter Strike Vector EX at E3 last week and our very own Jassi Patayon secured an exclusive interview with developer Ted Lange.

Self described as a third-person mech shooter with elements of a first person shooter, Strike Vector EX will have you flying around in diverse maps that will feature many different places to maneuver, hide, or ambush your enemies.

Customization and weapon load outs will play a large role, as you can truly separate yourself from the rest with a multitude of paint jobs, cockpits, and more. You’ll also get to choose from a large armory of weapons, from Tesla cannons and rockets to even sniper rifles. That’s right, sniper rifles in a mech shooter. Bring it on.

A single-player campaign will also be available featuring fifteen missions that will help you grasp the basics of the game and prepare you for the multiplayer while at the same time delivering a great story. Speaking of multiplayer, competition will include 8v8 team battles.

Strike Vector EX will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though no current release date has been set.

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