Batman: Arkham Knight is the highly anticipated finale of Rocksteady’s Arkham series and has already made huge waves in the industry. While we were at E3, our very own Jassi Patayon interviewed Gaz from Warner Bros. about the new game and everything in it. Watch the exclusive interview below.

Starting off the interview, Gaz talks about how many different play styles were considered and taken into account when making the game, and how Batman will have a varied approach to combat. Whether you’re using his different gadgets to take down your foes with a tactical approach or decide to use brute force, you’ll have options. In other words, Batman will be able to kick butt six ways from Sunday.

The game will also be huge, about five times as large as Arkham City, and that’s why¬†the Batmobile will play a large roll. From regular badass driving monster to a fully loaded tank form, the Batmobile has got you covered for all your transportation needs.

As far as characters go, Rocksteady and Warner Bros. managed to recruit the iconic Kevin Conroy to reprise his role as the Caped Crusader. They’ve also got Tara Strong back as Harley Quinn and Wally Wingert as the Riddler. Jonathan Banks of Breaking Bad fame has been brought on to be the voice of Commissioner Gordon. This ensemble cast of actors has surely cemented their final portrayals in the last of the Arkham series in our minds as some of the greatest ever.

Dual play is a new feature in which you fight alongside some of Batman’s allies such as Nightwing, Robin, or Catwoman in specific situations. During those segments you’ll face down hordes of enemies and switch between the superheroes at will. Using this system to its full potential will allow you to even perform takedowns during the transition between characters, showing off their teamwork.

If what you hear and read appeals to you, you’d be happy to know that Batman: Arkham Knight is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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