Directly from the E3 show floor Razer Inc’s, Kevin Scarpati, sat down with Gamerspack’s own Jassi Patayon to discuss their newest gaming mouse, the Mamba.

Boasting their iconic tri-serphant logo, the Mamba isn’t just revolutionary in terms of style, the company hails this mouse as the most advanced gaming accessory on the market, at least once it becomes available.

The Mamba’s sensor is the worlds most advanced with a 16,ooo DPI interface that is completely adjustable to keep your reaction speeds as fast as you want them to be. The left and right buttons also feature adjustable technology to keeps their response clicks as firm or soft as you’d like while maintaining the reactions as instant as your hyperactive as your click fingers.

Available in both casual and tournament editions, Razer believes that a nine button interface is all you need with their programable inputs, and full-tilt scroll button. The only noticeable difference between the two aesthetically is that to keep the mouse running smoothly under pressure, the tournament edition is packaged as wired only, while the casual gaming edition has wireless capability.

Although being the most advanced technology on the market is enough to get any PC gamers’ mouth watering, no product is complete without making it look as beautiful as possible. Doing just that, Razer created a light up neon glow that runs the length of the mouse and down the middle, while supporting a full color spectrum of 16.8 million color hues to light up your gaming experience.

The glow’s adjustability features a transition effect that switches between the variety of colors, a wave feature that pulses the light in waves across the length of the mouse, a pulsating breath that follows a similar pattern, and the newest and coolest reactive lighting that illuminates the mouse whenever you interact with the Mamba.

The Mamba’s innovative designs that are all individually adjustable through the first party software, Razer Synapse, which is the proprietary software used for all Razer gaming accessories.

The Razer Mamba is not yet available to the market, nor is there an official release date. For more information on the newest gaming mouse, you can check out our interview above.

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