Merge Start, the developers behind the newest virtual reality hardware, Merge, want to bring the epic experience of being inside a video game to any one with a smartphone.

“Any phone, any Face”, is the idea behind this hardware that the Gamerspack crew were able to get there hands on, as the features that this tech provides may prove to be the most marketable of any of the upcoming headsets, with the extremely reasonable price of $129.

Meaning that whether you are hoping to enjoy some gaming on a long flight, bumpy car ride or even want to give your younger, less trust worthy, family members a chance to experience this technology, you can do so knowing that your new gaming device will be safe and sound. The newly developed foam casing not only protects the goggles themselves, but also ensures that your delicate phone is free from the dangerous effects of gravity.

The adjustable lenses allow users to fit the goggles to their proportionate eye distance for a comfortable fit, while ventilation keeps the technology nice and cool while also preventing the lenses from fogging up after extended use. Audio ports help to keep the sound effects from annoying anyone else in the room, and open camera access allows for more interactive features when using Merge-compatible content.

The Merge VR controller uses internal 9-axis motion sensors, similar to the Wii controller to creative an immersive space for the user to interact with as well as developers who are testing out potential games, while the standard Bluetooth technology keeps it in sync with the parent headset. In addition, an open camera casing means that the technology is also ready for augmented reality software.


The first party app, Merge Start, allows for the fastest and easiest access to Merge compatible content on either your phone or the market place so that users can buy and access any content they want with out ever leaving the virtual world, for more information on what apps will be available for the system, you can head over to the developers’ website here.

Safety is on top of the list of features as┬áMerge goggles are sculpted from an incredibly soft, “Closed-cell” foam, which in addition to providing an unparalleled level of comfort, keeps it from being damaged. As our E3 host in the video displays, dropping this head set is no cause for alarm. Dan Worden, one of the lead developers behind the technology, describes this headset as something you, “Put into your backpacks, throw them on your sofa and toss them in the back of the car”, meaning that this technology is built to withstand use after use.

The Merge VR headset will be available this holiday season for the retail price of $129 for both iOS and Android devices. Although there has been no official announcement of where you’ll be able to order your set, you can stay up to date on everything Merge by staying tuned to

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