Announced during Sony’s press conference here at E3, World of Final Fantasy is a brand new chapter in the grimoire that is Final Fantasy.

A mix between traditional style and a more recent chibi style, World of Final Fantasy is leaving it up to you to save the land. A strange but intriguing mix of Theatrhythm and 90’s – 2000’s Final Fantasy, you play as two siblings who are trying to save a place called Grimoire where everything is small. Though not much detail has been shown or released, it does appear that you’ll be able to use monsters both as mounts and as combat companions.

Story is one of Square Enix’s specialties, and I look forward to seeing what they’ve cooked up this time. Who are the two siblings? Are they similar to the people they’re trying to save? Is this a fusion between Pokemon and Final Fantasy? We’ll find out in the coming months as we eagerly await its release in 2016 for PS4, and PS Vita.

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