Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega-man, returns to the creative forefront together with the team that brought that brought us Metroid Prime, with the new Xbox One exclusive title ReCore.

The post apocolyptic game follows a protagonist who is one of the last humans living in a world that is overrun with robots. The artificial intelligence is powered by a spherical “Core” unit in the middle of their bodies that glows with an ominous ruby red color. Your companion, a dog-like robot, is powered by a central core that instead glows a neon blue.

The trailer shows that the human is a treasure hunter of sorts, and is traveling the wasteland with her companion and into a dungeon that appears to be overflowing with sinister robots. The companion proves its loyalty in the trailer’s final confrontation, where when all hope seems to be lost, it unleashes a powerful electromagnetic pulse that destroys the surrounding enemies, but also you itself.

All alone in the world, the character takes the blue core and transfers it and all of its memories into the last mech suit that is still intact. The larger, more human shaped mech comes to life and recognizes the hero instantly. Entering an unknown dungeon, they awaken an enormous spider-bot, where the heroes enter the fray.

Cutting to black, promotional image reveals that the game will allow players will switch between an impressive set of robots, whose attacks and abilities vary as much as they do.

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether certain plot points such as the one in the trailer force you to use specific robots or if you’ll be able to switch between them at random.

ReCore will be available in spring of 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One, and is sure to break its way into the hearts of many gamers worldwide.

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