Ubisoft has left a strong impression this E3, especially when it comes to new IP’s. For Honor was one of the first announcements during their conference and the response has been titanic.

For Honor is a brand new IP from Ubisoft Montreal featuring visceral melee combat between warriors on ancient battlegrounds. You’ll take your place amongst the legendary knights, the dutiful samurai, or the brutal vikings on the battlefield. Each and every swing of your weapon will be crucial, as this is as real as it gets. You have complete control of your weapon with The Art of Battle, For Honor’s intuitive and innovative control system. One mistake and your enemies will have your head. Master your weapon and you alone will remain the victor in the chaos of warfare.

Multiplayer will also be a heavy feature as you wage war. You’ll team up with your allies and meet your foes on the field. Capture control points and annihilate those who stand in your way in the groundbreaking online play. Last but not least, customization will also play a part as you can change your chest, shoulder, and helmet armors.

How will you decide your fate? Choose wisely, as For Honor will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_SamuraiTriumph_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397101 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_CatapultStrike_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397082 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_FightAtTheGate_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397086 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_LegionsAtWar_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397088 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_Lions_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397091 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_OvercastSamuraiBadOdds_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397094 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_ReinforcementPoint_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397097 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_SamuraisAttackWarden_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397100 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_WardenBeauty_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397102 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_WardenInToTheFray_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397104 For_Honor_Screen_Harrowgate_WatchfulVikingOvercast_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434397106

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