Firaxis and 2k Games’ Civilization: Beyond Earth- Rising Tide Co-lead developers had more than a few words to share from the E3 show floor about the expansions’ development and completion.

The expansion adds much more than just extra story elements to be completed after the initial game, it goes back and adds all of the new features to original version so as to give players a reason to embark on a second play through and beyond. The updates include four all new leaders to chose from for the campaign, new biomes, diplomacy systems and water based game play which was as exciting to develop as it will be to play according to the Co-Lead Developers Will Miller and David McDonough.

Water game-play is the biggest innovation as it has been designed to fit seamlessly with the rest of the mechanics, granting players the ability to build cities entirely on the water, complete with naval battle systems as well as new water based alien enemies to fight as well as encounter alien planets whose surfaces are entirely composed of seawater.

In addition, cities can be built along coast lines to give players a land based city with ports for your naval fleet, and while opening your cities up to this kind of game play may be prosperous, it also opens you up to enemy attacks.

Miller describes the biggest lesson they learned with Beyond Earth, which was that the diplomacy system of past Civilization games relied mostly on the presence of easily recognized historical figures. Players took quickly to the idea of Gandhi calling you up, angry at what you just did and sending a few nukes your way. This led the development team to a complete redesign from the ground up to create a game within a game, helping you develop relationships with the A.I. and understanding why the make the decisions they make.

The expansion set will be available on the PC this fall, but for more information leading to the launch of the game, stay tuned to!

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