Bungie has revealed The Taken King, a new expansion for Destiny, one of last year’s greatest hits.

The Taken King expansion brings players to the forefront of the war with the Fallen, after the death of their leader and deity, Crota. Crota’s father Oryx is pissed and ready for revenge. Ripping them out of our reality and then bringing them back, the Taken are changed forever, and become enslaved to Oryx and the Darkness. As a Guardian, you’ll face his wrath, or bring the King to his knees.

This new expansion will also introduce new subclasses for all of the base classes, expanding player options with their Guardians. The newest raid will feature Guardians boarding Oryx’s massive ship called the Dreadnaught and ending with a climactic fight against the Taken King. Bungie has stated that more information is to come and we’re eagerly looking forward to some new weapons and armor.

The Taken King will be released on September 15 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox One.

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