Here on the E3 show floor the Gamerspack crew were able to get a few words in with Melissa Miller, the Director of Product Development at Gearbox studios and 2k games to find out a little more about Battleborn.

Developed by Gearbox software, the creators of Borderlands, the excitement is palpable from the developers as well as the gamers. The story takes place in a galaxy whose stars are being consumed by an evil race of beings known as the,Varelsie, who are destroying millions of planets, forcing an entire galaxies population into a single solar system called Solas, and while they may not get along, they all have one common enemy. Standing united is the only chance these aliens have to stopping the Varelsie and saving the galaxy.

The game features two modes, the competitive multi-player and the story campaign. The story has the options of single player and co-op with up to groups of five players. Boasting a day one lineup of 25 playable characters, there are the traditional classes players are used to such as tanks, healers and DPS, but with a unique twist for each individual character, since each race has their own weapons and play styles.

The leveling systems act as a sort of Russian Nesting doll, that allows people to level their character from 1-10 through out the matches in a way that is similar to the popular MOBA, League of Legends. With each level, you unlock stronger skills and gains you the ability to augment your weapons so as to change your character to fit the environment and specific enemies in the arena.

Battleborn also features a rank systems whose stats do not reset at the end of each session. The experience for this is earned through both the online and single player campaign, allowing you to show off to your friends and the online community your new character skins and augmentations, showing the world just how much of your life you’ve devoted to this game, instilling fear into the hearts of every new player who dares enter the ring with you.

The play style, cast of characters and colorful worlds are really exciting and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy this holiday season on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One consoles. For more information as it develops, stay tuned to!

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