Kingdom Hearts 3 has taken to E3 once more as Square Enix took the time to show off the progress they’ve made since last years’ showcase.

The gameplay footage was captured by the YouTube channel Pixel Enemy, and shows an epic landscape that mixes features both old and new into the upcoming installment. Although a cool new trinity attack  combines the might of the three main characters, Sora Donald and Goofy, not much can compete with the image of Sora running vertically up a wall to confront a larger than life titan.

To compliment the epic encounter with the titans of Hercules’ Olympus Colosseum, and the stunning realism of Twilight Town, the game is shaping up quite a bit with the revelation of the newest world based on the Disney animated film, Tangled.

The new gameplay shows the timeless heroes in action and giving you a look at just how big these new environments are, while detailing the incredible artistry that both Disney and Square Enix are known for. Enemies sprout from nothing but air as viewers were introduced to an army of new Heartless whose designs are as beautiful as the environments they’re in.

The action in this teaser is fast and constant as Sora jumps from one enemy to the next, destroying them with a single swing of his key blade and taking advantage of the new weapons systems that transform your blade into a variety of weapons, whose attacks are just as wide ranging. Dual wielded pistols give you the opportunity to rapid fire magic spells around the map, where as a blade that looks curiously like one of Zues’ lightning bolts packs a thunderous punch.


In addition to the LED displays that are Sora’s Pirate Ship and Train summons, a new attack was introduced that has the three heroes take control of spinning tea cups that bounce around the local area at random and destroy the enemies unlucky enough to come in contact with it.

Sora’s new costume is reminiscent of all of his past incarnations, including his most recent outing in Dream Drop Distance, featuring deep blacks with red trimmings, the characters’ newest and highest quality rendition is by far one one of the best.

The trailer is book-ended by two new characters playing a chess-like game as they discuss the Keyblade war and the ancient masters who fought in it. As one asks the other to “Drop the Facade…”, viewers know that these characters are aware of a lot more than they are telling and will have a huge impact on the game we are all ready to pre-order.

The worlds are as beautiful as any Pixar film while the designs show off the free flow combat that the series thrives off of, and while there is no official release date yet, there is hope that it will be in your console soon.

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