343 studios has finally shared official gameplay footage of Halo 5: Guardians, both single and multi-player. And it is stunning. Take a look the multiplayer footage below.

Opening the Microsoft press conference with a sneak peak of everything that is to come, one of the show stopping features is the worlds first gameplay walk through of Master chief’s upcoming adventure. Boasting a slew of new features and weapons, 343 has invited you to experience the future.

The Halo Franchise has seen more than it’s fair share of playable characters outside the chief, this entry gives players control of the character Spartan Locke, who is on a search mission to find the traitor and other playable character, Master Chief. In addition, gamers will take control of two separate armies, controlled by each character respectively.

The newest weapon to be showcased is the, “Plasma Cannon”, a new rifle that is charged up after every use and unleashes a powerful blast of energy that first sticks to it’s target, and explodes violently. Additionally, the Xbox One console allows the developers to introduce new features such as maps that are 4x the size of any other map in the game’ history, and the new online mode, “Warzone”, which pits players against not only each other, but the entire map itself, including waves of NPC enemies.

Starting players and the crowd at E3 off in the middle of the Invasion of a Covenant City, players are introduced to just a fragment of what has been going on since the last game. The footage itself is even more beautiful than anything on the Master Chief Collection and more adventurous than any other iteration. The Covenant city is perfectly futuristic and the characters have a level of detail never before experienced.

With the constant updates of new features, level designs and characters, one of the bestĀ featuresĀ that hasn’t changed is the charm that the franchise has created. It is illustrated perfectly by a doomed grunt who, “regrets everything”, however the gameplay comes to a screeching halt with the level’s boss character stating that, “The Master Chief has been called, you’re passage has been denied”.

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