Your prayers have been answered. Today, during an already impressive Sony E3 2015 press conference, Square Enix released a jaw dropping announcement trailer for the game so many people kept asking for over the years – Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show much, but it does tease everything you miss about the original. The layout of the city is densely populated and heavily polluted, the characters faces are the most realistic the company has ever built and the Shinra company is as nefarious and menacing as it has ever been. But most importantly, Cloud Strife and his iconic sword are there at the end.

This game has been a long time in the making, and although no release window has been confirmed, the mere fact that it is in development is more than enough to calm it’s rabid fanbase. Or send it into an even bigger frenzy of hype and anticipation.

With the Square Enix conference still yet to happen, we do know Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be playable first on PlayStation 4. The game will probably be released later on the Xbox One and maybe even on the PC, as the original did.

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