Just a short while ago, Microsoft showed off a teaser trailer to their upcoming free-to-play co-op game, Fable Legends. Check out the details and video below!

Lionhead Studios is up to its usual tricks once more with a new Fable game taking place several hundred years before the first game. In Fable Legends, you’ll take control of either a hero or a villain each with their own unique goals and abilities. Heroes will have different abilities and powers that will help them achieve their goal, while villains control not just the nature of the quest the hero embarks on, but what challenges he will face on his path.

Players will be allowed a certain modicum of freedom to explore, socialize, and customize their hero or villain. What weapons will you wield? What armor shall protect you? These decisions will be left to the players own judgement.

Return to the world of Albion ‘ןאי Fable Legends later this year on the PC and Xbox One.

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