In a bold marketing move before the PC World Championship Series, SteelSeries, a leader in world class PC gaming accessories, has announced an official sponsorship of the competitive gaming agency, Evil Geniuses.

SteelSeries is currently one of the most innovative developers of gaming accessories with their advanced line up of Headsets, mice, keyboards and more, they offer a family of devices that can be tailored to whatever the players needs may be.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, focuses on bringing talent together and contracting players from around the world, putting them onto highly competitive teams, and outfitting them with the greatest gear available. Currently, the agency has pushed squads to their limits in championships for games like the Halo series, finishing first at the recent PAX east season 1 finals, in addition to many other victories in tournaments for Dota, Starcraft and more!

The partnership was announced on June 9th, and has already had a major impact on both sides of the sponsorship. The developers over at SteelSeries, have long advocated for the emergence of of the eSports genre, and are pressing hard for a widespread coverage of such events.

Whereas, the teams over at Evil Geniuses, have already started to send praise back to their new sponsors with players like Lee Jae-Dong, exclaiming that “SteelSeries gear is what I’m comfortable with and has brought me great luck during past tournaments,”. Though it may sound a tad superstitious, players of any sport do what they have to to keep their head in the game, and if that includes stylishly comfortable gear, then so be it.

News of this partnership means a lot more than just the convergence of San Francisco and Chicago based companies, but more importantly illustrates that teams worldwide are gearing up and preparing for the finals of the currently underway, Starcraft World Championship series.

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