SteelSeries, the developers of the V3 Prism headset designed every inch of their device with the user’s comfort in mind. An incredibly soft cushion around the ear comfortably reduces the real world around you to a just audible muffle, while surrounding you with an immersive speakers, whose bass quality should be making other manufacturers jealous. An adjustable equalizer gives users the opportunity to crank the bass or even out the treble in ways that enhance your gameplay experience.

Boasting the unique luxury of a Tron-style LED display of the entire SteelSeries line-up, the Prism adds an interesting feel of companionship to the rest of it’s family of Gaming Mice and Keyboards. The setup of the headset is run through the downloadable proprietary software, SteelSeries Engine 3. The functionality of the Prism can be as acutely detailed as the 16.8 Million color selection to choose from for the illumination of the speakers themselves.


The surround sound quality of the speakers stands up to any test that exists. They tore threw endless dungeons, withstanding hundreds of bloody disembowled shrieks, while sending bullets the size of humans whizzing past in a few endless rounds of Titanfall. Although you will never walk around town listening to your favorite music on repeat, when you sit down to play your favorite dungeon crawler, you will turn your head to check if a noise was real or not.

The Microphone built into the V3 Prism is one of the most impressive available on any gaming headset. The retractability of any available gaming mic is there to keep it from getting in your way, the mic itself is only a slight fraction of the average gaming microphone. Measuring just under an inch, the sensitivity is unrivaled in clarity. While running on a decent internet connection and plugged in to the computer through it’s USB connection, the user talk trash among the best, plus whenever the real world tries to sneak up on them, muting the headset is just a flip of a switch just above the mic.

Comfort wins out every time, and thats exactly what SteelSeries understood with not only the V3 Prism, but the entire Siberia Gaming headset family. When tested over extended use, the sound quality and comfortable fit were just as wonderful as when they are first put on. Whether it’s just a quick jump into a Team Deathmatch, or 4 hours into a Skyrim binge, the headset will never give out, and neither will you.

steelseries siberia v3 prism box rear

The headsets fits snugly, yet gently around the face, and is a huge blessing to users that require glasses, as once again through the depths of a typical binge in the World of Warcraft, the players glasses will never feel the pains of their rims squishing profusely into the sides of their faces. Additionally, the Prism series also heightens the level of comfort to players of all head sizes, with its flexible headband that conforms to the natural curse of the human head, making the device a truly one size fits all headset.

While an ergonomic design feels great, the total cost of the Prism really compliments it. Whereas your typical high quality music headphones will run you anywhere between $70-$120, the price tag of the typical Siberia headset family will run you only an extra $30, with the V3 Prism priced at $140 respectively. Though it may come at a high price, it’s nothing in comparison to the overall costs endured through true PC gaming. Sony fans are in luck, however, as the hardware prides itself on compatibility to the Playstation 4 gaming console as well.

Although noise cancelation and a sound equalizer may lean a touch on the “Flashy” side, a trained ear or seasoned gamer will quickly pick up the subtle differences in enemy voices, which will more than once cause you to rethink what you’re about to do. Style and comfort come at a reasonable price in the SteelSeries Siberia V3 Prism, but the true value has to be experienced for yourself.

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