Developer inXile Entertainment’s kickstarter dream project has gained some headway. The Bard’s Tale 4 nowhas a first sleek in-engine trailer that finally shows how the game will look like.

The trailer is using the newest Unreal in-engine graphics. The game’s visuals are aiming for the sky with their level of detail and are looking to bring a brand new level of realism to a series that hasn’t been seen in 27 years, since 1988.

A breakdown on The Bards Tale 4 Kickstarter page lists it as a single-player adventure that bases the core gameplay off of party combat with interchangeable characters. With a strategic, phase-based combat to keep the game running smoothly, players are also given ample time to think about their next move before they attack.

Although the game is coming together amazingly, the page still shows that the title is a few hundred thousand short of the $1.25 million goal. However, they have also pledged to match that amount with their own funds to double the proposed budget.

As the game is not near completion, the only concrete knowledge is that The Bard’s Tale 4 will be available on PC, Mac and Linux sometime in the year 2017.

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