Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft Studios are getting ready to show the world the Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider. The short trailer below mercilessly teases us before the big reveal at E3 2015, on Microsoft’s stage.

The trailer begins with pictures of great explorers who dared to venture where no one else been before. This appears to be the essence of the new Tomb Raider – the thrill of discovery.

We then watch Lara climb a mountain in the middle of a ravaging blizzard – not the best idea she ever had. And indeed, as we listen to her narrate about secrets and answers, a massive avalanche envelops her. But apparently this isn’t the vulnerable Lara me met two years ago, as she makes it to the to the top to discover the secrets within.

The cinematics in the trailer are breathtaking. All in all, I’d say it certainly grabs one’s attention and with PCs and consoles improving at a vast pace with each generation, this may not be too far off from actual gameplay.

At the very end Microsoft encourages people to watch the world premiere of Rise of the Tomb Raider on June 15 at E3 2015. I’m eager to see what Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft have in store for the classic Tomb Raider series, and I’m sure you are as well.


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