Frictional Games has released the first gameplay video from the upcoming horror title SOMA. What you’re about to see below is the result of five years of hard work, and it looks like it paid off.

Watching the video, it’s hard not to see that Frictional touch. SOMA is very reminiscent¬†of the studio’s past titles – Penumbra and Amnesia. The ominous environments, the cat-and-mouse with hulking beasts and the physics based puzzles are all there. Our protagonist is a bit more talkative this time around,, as well as the other… people… he encounters.

SOMA definitely looks like a promising horror title with a certain amount of freedom. The developers say that things could have played out differently for the protagonist if he’d taken certain actions and explored more. SO you don’t only need to be quick on your feet in SOMA, you also need to be smart and notice your surroundings if you want to survive.

SOMA will be out on PC and PlayStation 4 on September 22 of this very year.

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