Bethesda will be showing the new DOOM game, also known as DOOM 4 or the DOOM reboot, at E3 2015. How do we know? Well, first of all it’s because we know gaming, but mostly because Bethesda confirmedĀ it in a new video, which is below.

Yes, that was actual gameplay from the new DOOM title.According to this very short glimpse into the game, there will be shotguns and scary demons with cannons on their backs. Those demons are actually the Revenants from DOOM 2 and 3, so we know they will make an appearance.

At the end of the video, Bethesda confirms that the worldwide gameplay reveal will occur on June 14, which is when the company is planning to throw its big E3 event. So it’s offical – DOOM is coming to E3.

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