As E3 is vastly approaching, the industries more loosely kept secrets are coming to light. Case in point: Ubisoft employee Julien Risse may have accidentally revealed Watch Dogs 2.

Risse is a gameplay programmer whose other work includes the original Watch Dogs and the Bad Blood DLC. Recently, he updated his Linkedin profile to include his work on Watch Dogs 2. Ironically, the site is designed as a networking tool to help professionals find work, where as in this case, someone might be losing his (or at least get a harsh lesson about how to keep secrets).

The fact that Watch Dogs is getting a sequel isn’t exactly as surprise. Ubisoft has already discussed the potential of what a sequel could entail, however the publisher has yet to release an official word about Watch Dogs 2; not even after this supposed leak.

Watch Dogs did pretty well for itself, getting mostly positive reviews. We gave it a 4 out of 5, saying what it lacked in story and challenge it made up for in innovative gameplay mechanics and fun activities in an open world.

More information about Watch Dogs 2 may be coming soon during E3 2015 later this June. GamersPack will be there to keep you posted on Watch Dogs 2, and pretty much everything else.

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