Death and destruction are lurking all around the wasteland in this new gameplay trailer for Mad Max.

The trailer illustrates the brutal intensity of the open world adventure, showing how protagonist Max is robbed of his life, family and more importantly his car, as the world around him descends into anarchy.

One of the centerpieces of this apocalyptic showdown is Max’s new customizable vehicle – the Magnum Opus. During the story campaign, players will scavenge for resources to upgrade the durability and deadliness of their vehicle, in addition to making it much cooler looking. Scavenging appears to be the main way to improve both the Magnum Opus and Max himself, as the player is forced to hunt for food, scrap metal and miscellaneous artifacts in order to upgrade abilities, tools and shelter.

Players will have to defend themselves from raids by the dangerous outlaws who control this desert landscape. These monstrous foes spread nothing but madness with their powerful blood lust, a power gained by stealing from those weaker than them. Of course, Max will also take the fight to them and capture enemy supply using car combat, or hand-to-hand fighting.

Madness reigns in this epic adventure, due  out September 4 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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