The Creative Assembly, the creators of the Total War series, are looking to create their most epic game to date by teaming up with Games Workshop to create their next title, Total War: Warhammer.

The trailer details an overview of the war raging across Old World, while also introducing the playable races, characters, classes and so on. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited,know that this game is the first out of a trilogy, with hundreds of hours of absorbing real-time tactical gameplay.

The trailer above also shows hat no matter which race o faction you will choose to play in the world of Warhammer, there’s something “unstoppable” coming your way to tear apart the very fabric of reality.

“We’ve always loved the Warhammer universe, and couldn’t wait to approach it with the same colossal scale and authenticity that has characterised our titles for the last 15 years,” said Ian Roxburgh ,Total War: Warhammer Project Lead. “We’re bringing it to life in a way that nobody’s attempted before.”

The release date has yet to be announced. However, Total War: Warhammer will be available for the PC and Mac and even Steam OS fairly soon.

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