Star Wars Battlefront has finally received its first proper trailer, showing in-engine footage of a rebel squad fighting Empire forces on Endor. While this is not actual gameplay, it’s enough to learn just how the game will look like, and what we can expect from it. Watch it below and then continue on for some newly revealed details about Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront will feature both multiplayer and single-player gameplay, with the mutliplayer capping at large, 40-player battles, while the solo missions offer online and offline co-operative play for up to two players. During these battles and missions, players will be firing lasers, piloting X-wings and TIE fighters, and commending AT-STs and AT-ATs.

You’ll be doing all of this on several familiar planets and battlefields. The video above shows a battle on the Forest Moon of Endor, but Hoth and Tatooine will also be a big part of the game. A new, relatively unexplored planet by the name of Sullust is also mentioned. This lava planet is briefly referenced in Return of the Jedi, but we’ve never seen on screen before. Should be interesting.

The game also has a hero system that puts you in the role of many iconic characters from the Star Wars unviverse. So far, Darth Vader and Boba Fett were confirmed, but expect others as well.

Star Wars Battlefront will be release on November 17 in North America, November 19 in Europe and November 20 in the UK. It will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens is scheduled to hot theaters on December 18, and Battlefront will receive the Battle of Jakku free DLC two week prior. The DLC depicts the events that are responsible for the battle-scarred landscape of Jakku, as we’ll see them in the movie. Those who pre-order the game will gain access to this DLC a few days earlier than the rest.

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