Reload Studios, a fledgling new studio formed by former Call of Duty developers, has hit the ground running with its break out title – World War Toons. Here’s a cute, pre-alpha trailer.

Taking a lighthearted approach to the first person shooter genre, and war in general, World War Toons creates a Looney Tunes-esque world where players can engage in creative new style of gameplay the genre hasn’t really seen much of before.

Teasing more about the new IP, Executive Producer Pete Blumel introduced it’s integration with VR hardware. “Our goal is to make something fun and accessible for everyone.” said Blumel. “We’re excited to be trying things that are still new to the medium. From its very inception, the team has strived to take full advantage of the amazing presence and sense of immersion offered by emerging virtual reality hardware.”

Though war is an inherently evil act, video games have been working for years to form it into an entertaining art, and this title looks to take it one step further.

In addition to the cute teaser trailer, Reload has also released a slew of images that showcase the actual gameplay, in addition to a few nifty posters. No release date has been announced, but you can check out the official website or stick around here for more news.

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