As the endless march of remakes continues, it’s time to for a two-for-one package in the form of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Combining Borderlands 2 (along with its sizable DLC collection) with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (and its much smaller DLC supplement) into one package, all ready for the next-gen consoles. The Handsome Collection is nothing we haven’t seen (or reviewed) before, but there’s still a few small changes that deserve a mention.


First of all, the graphics have been revamped for the new generation. With one or two players playing locally, we now have a smooth 1080p at 60FPS ride. This changes to 30FPS when more local players join in, with up to a 4-person split-screen option now available (as opposed to the 2-player limit in the previous generation). Unfortunately, there are some frame rate issues which bog things down a bit, especially at the more effect-rich locales and hectic firefights. Likewise, it still feels peculiar that the texture popup issue persists – whether it’s the old engine showing or just poor optimization I can’t say, but the issue is still there. The interface is likewise poorly-optimized and going through some inventory and skill screens with 4 people playing is quite a chore.

The Handsome Collection is more about content than innovation as far as remakes go. Apart from the 4-player split-screen and frame rate boost there’s no reason you’ll want to play it – especially if you already played it on a previous generation. While save-game migration from old to new is possible, it’s redundant in my eyes. Owning Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel on previous generation pretty much ensures you won’t have any reason to get The Handsome Collection either way. The reverse is true as well, especially if you missed out on Borderlands 2 and it’s amazing DLC campaigns. Now is your chance to grab it and enjoy it – all in one, 100-hour package.

Overall the remake is solid – it’s mostly bug-free and enjoyable, although some design choices are a bit clunky (like having to exit the collection entirely if you want to go from playing Borderlands 2 to play the Pre-Sequel). If you haven’t played either of the Borderlands title, now is your chance to do so. If you have, there’s really no reason for you to invest your time in this remake as it offers nothing new.

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