Music-loving and rhythmically-challenged gamers a like will be delighted to know that Harmonix has confirmed Rock Band 4 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The long rumored fourth title in the Rock Band franchise will support Xbox 360 and PS3 instruments, and a list of 2168 songs from previous titles in the series. Songs already purchased will transfer over to the new-gen system at no cost. The new instruments, made once again by Mad Catz, are by no means revolutionary, but are at the very least is a welcome blast from the past.

In an interesting turn, the developers have also announced that this generation won’t feature annual sequels, as their plans are to release large quantities of downloadable content that simply adds on to the game you originally purchased.

It was revealed that the game will be released in three different bundles, one with just the game, another with the Fender Stratocastor controller and a third with a guitar, drums, and microphone. With more news still to come, check out the new instruments, including the special edition guitar designed by the artists of Penny Arcade exclusively for PAX attendees, in the gallery below.

paxexclusiveguitar Rock Band 4 Xbox One rock-band-4-2-jpg

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