Valve’s new VR headset was revealed during GDC 2015, just as the company promised. Called “Vive”, the headset is the result of a collaboration between Vale and HTC. Here’s a the official release video.

Vive is a combination of Valve’s Steam VR tracking and input technologies with HTC’s design and engineering. The device features high-quality graphics in 1200×1080 resolution and 90fps.

What more, thanks to an array of sensors and HTC’s new VR Controllers, Vive allows users to get up from the chair and literally walk around and explore a virtual space of 15 feet by 15 feet (that’s about 4.5 meters) in full scale and 360 degrees.

As of now, several game developers and companies have already had a chance to mess around with Vive Developer Edition and even started creating some content for the VR headset. These include Vertigo Games, Bossa, Barry–Fireproof, Dovetail Games, Wemo Labs, Google, Steel Wool Games and Owlchemy.

“Vive creates an exciting opportunity for all developers and content creators, to help us bring virtual reality into the mainstream with an end-to-end solution that completely redefines how we entertain ourselves, communicate with each other, learn and, eventually, how we become more productive,” says HTC Chairman Cher Wang. “HTC Vive is real, it’s here and it’ll be ready to go before the start of 2016.”

Vive developer edition will launch this spring, with the consumer edition available by the end of 2015. You can go to the HTCVR website to read more about the technical side of HTC’s Vive.

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