At the Game Developers Conference which is currently in attendance, Valve has announced that the first title for its recently revealed Vive VR headset will be Job Simulator.

The reveal came with a very short gameplay video, seen above, and an official website in which the developers at Owlchemy Lab describe the story behind Job Simulator.

In the future of 2050, robots clean, service and pretty much do everything humans don’t want to do. However, least the human race forget its ancient history of pencil-pushing and burger-flipping, Job Bot was created. Job Bot has created Bod Simulator to show humans what it is “to job”.

The game is also reported to be available on the Oculus Rift upon launch. While all this is very ground breaking, does the idea of bringing work home with you really sound all that fun? You can basically get paid to do the same thing… Lets hope Owlchemy Lab will be able to make minimum wage fun again.

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