Hunger is a new IP by the Swidish independent studio Trasier. It is described as a “suspense-adventure” about a young girl trapped in a labyrinth full of monsters. It seems like a pretty simply premise, one we’ve seen a lot in some variation or another. But then you watch this teaser trailer.

I mean, how awesomely creepy is that?! The ‘Dollhouse Prespective’, as the studio calls it, is indeed one of the more unnerving visual style I’ve seen in recent in a while. We are also promises characters with “soft, dark centres”, which sounds both delicious and terrifying. I’m all for that.

Trasier did not specify a release date or platforms for Hunger, but judging for the studio’s previous works,¬†PSN will be a safe bet. Hopefully our hunger for more information will be be¬†satiated soon.

Hunger_01 Hunger_02 Hunger_03 Hunger_04 Hunger_05 Hunger_06 Hunger_07 Hunger_08

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