Joe Madureira, the creator and director of the Darksiders games, is teasing the debut game of his new studio Airship Syndicate. We have no idea what it could be, but it sure has that Darksiders vibe.

The tweet above shows an image taken off of a computer screen. It shows a sword, not unlike the one Death wielded in the original Darksiders, stuck in a rock or a fallen tree. A writing beneath the image says “Loos like there’s a storm coming…” alongside various hashtags like “DyingToTellYou”.

It really seems like Madureira is eager to unveil his upcoming game, as this more recent tweet suggests:

Madureira founded Airship Syndicate after the closure of THQ and Vigil Games. Former Vigil employees like Darksiders 2’s producer Ryan Stefanelli, have join Madureira in his new afford, and are working together on this new title.

As an official announcement is merely days away, we’ll be keeping an eye out for anything by Airship Syndicate, and so should you. Whatever it turns out to be, it should be interesting.

Thanks GameInformer.

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