Resident Evil: Revelations 2


Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcon

Release date: February 25 (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC)

While we already got one Resident Evil game this year, that is if you count a remake of the remake of the original Resident Evil, you can never have too much of a good thing. Not only is Resident Evil: Revelations 2 a new title, and the sequel to the game that brought back the series to its survival horror roots, it also stars fan-favorite Claire Redfield. We haven’t seen Claire since Code Veronica, and it would be really fun to once again play as her in Revelations 2, especially in co-op. This game is also the series’ first attempt at episodes, a format that should work well with its brand of horror and tension.

Until Dawn


Developer: Supermassive Games

Publisher: Sony

Release date: Summer 2015 (PlayStation 4)

Do you like scary movies? If so, you’ll probably like Until Dawn. This is a game that lets you play a group of eight teenagers as they are being hunted by a masked psychopath in the woods, just like all those slasher movies from 80s and 90s. You’ll have to make life-or-death choices and split-second decisions that will determine the fate of your characters, and there’s no guarantee everyone will make it out alive. In fact, they probably won’t. Released gameplay footage suggests we’ll see many of the tropes that make watching horror movie so fun, but without becoming too campy and ridiculous. If you ask us – that is just the right amount for a perfect horror experience.

Friday the 13th


Developer: TBA

Publisher: TBA

Release date: October 2015

Speaking of slasher movies, there’s no greater classic than Friday the 13th. And in 2015, after more than 25 of slaying rowdy teenagers exclusively on the big screen, Jason Voorhees makes his return to video games. We only know the game is in development, and will be “an asymmetrical, co-operative and competitive multiplayer predator/prey horror experience.” That means that a group of player take the role of survivors, while another player plays as Voorhees himself. This premise alone is enough to pick our curiosity. Can you imagine wielding Jason’s iconic machete and hunting down the others one by one? Or banding together to take down the immortal killer once and for all? We can, and we like it.

Call of Cthulhu


Developer: Frogwares Studio

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release date: Summer 2015 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

The new Call of Cthulhu is another game we know next to nothing about, but we really don’t care. Any horror game based on H.P. Lovecraft’s works automatically gets a place in our “games to keep a close eye on” list. Developed by Frogwares Studio, the same studio behind the excellent Sherlock Holmes adventure games, Call of Cthulhu is bound to be one interesting adventure. Scheduled for this summer, it probably won’t be long before more details about it are revealed, but in the meantime we can let our imagination run wild with horrors beyond our puny mortal perception. Or we can go back and look at these incredibly eerie concept art pieces one more time,



Developer: Acid Wizard Studio

Publisher: Acid Wizard Studio

Release date: TBA 2015 – Available now on Early Access through Steam (PC)

Darkwood is a procedurally generate indie horror game set somewhere in the woods of the Soviet Bloc. It’s a top-down, twisted experience that will change every time you die and have to start over again. And die you shall. The days are relatively safe, so you can go out, explore, gather resources and try to solve the mysterious of the wood. By night, however, you better have a solid shelter to fend off the horrors that lurk in the dark. The game is available on Early Access through Steam, so you may have already experienced the terror for yourself, but if you’re like us and prefer your games finished, than join us in hoping Darkwood will be fully released later this year.

Silent Hills


Developer: Kojima Productions

Publisher: Konami

Release date: TBA 2015 (PlayStation 4)

Yes, we know the picture above is taken from P.T. and not Silent Hills, but that’s only because we don’t have any footage from the latest title in the veteran survival horror franchise. It doesn’t matter though, because what we’ve heard about this game sounds better than any screenshot. First of all, Silent Hills is directed by both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro – two men with a more than impressive resume. On top of that we know it stars Norman Reedus, whom you may know as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Lastly we have the title of the game – Silent Hills, which suggest there will be more than one creepy as hell town. Or at least several versions of it. Plus, if P.T. is any indication, Silent Hills will be a horror experience to remember for years to come.



Developer: Frictional Games

Publisher: Frictional Games

Release date: TBA 2015 (PlayStation 4, PC)

We’ve been waiting for SOMA, Frictional Games’ latest horrific adventure, ever since we stepped out of the corridors of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, traumatized for life. In all that time, Frictional Games kept to themselves any information they have on SOMA, but a few bits and pieces managed to reach us. We know SOMA takes place at an isolated research facility at the bottom of the ocean (where else?), where strange and self-aware machines with human traits have started to run amok. As with the studio’s previous games, we’ll play SOMA from a first-person prospective and meet horrible creatures that no doubt wish to harm us. The game also switches to a Sci-Fi setting instead of the studio’s signature Steampunk aesthetics., which is always slightly terrifying by default.

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