Sad news for Phantom Dust fans and Floridians alike, as Darkside Games, the Florida-based game developer behind the series reboot for the Xbox One, has officially been shut down.


Phantom Dust, which was originally released on the first Xbox, was being rebooted by Darkside from the ground up for the current-gen console until Microsoft decided to axe it. This caused the studio heads to disband the dev team and around 50 people lost their jobs.

Microsoft, on their end, has confirmed¬†that the game is still going to be completed and released, however there is no official word yet as to who will take over, and just how much of Darkside’s work¬†will be used in the finished product.

This news comes from an anonymous source who is reportedly one of those who were cut from the project. “The executives who saw it were impressed and as late as this morning gave our team every indication that the project was on solid ground,” he told Kotaku. “Yet we got the phone call today that someone up on high who in all likelihood wasn’t even aware of the game in detail shut it down.”

The Phantom Dust reboot was first announced at Microsoft’s E3 2014 press event. Since then we heard or saw nothing about the game, until this sad piece of news.

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