Dead or Alive 5: Last Round


Developer: Team Ninja

Publisher: Koei Tecmo

Release date: February 17 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is the ultimate version of Dead of Alive 5 Ultimate. It features all the characters, stages and costumes from the three previous version of Dead or Alive 5, and will add a few more of its own, officially crowning it with having the largest roster of fighters of any Dead of Alive title to date. On current gen consoles, the characters’ skin will appear smoother and softer, because that’s exactly what we are looking for in our fighting game – Softness. And punching, Lots of punching.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse


Developer: Dimps

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

Release date: February 24 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

Dragon Ball XenoVerse is the first game in the series to make it to current-gen consoles and the PC. That should open a whole new audience to the epic, out-out-of-this-world drama that is Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball XenoVerse will let us create our very own warrior and experience every defining moment in the series as we go through time in order to save Dragon Ball’s future. Or something along these lines, it’s really hard to tell, what with all the explosions, beam cannons and kamehameha flying around. Dragon Ball XenoVerse looks to be the ultimate fighting game for every Dragon Ball fan, so we see no reason why we shouldn’t be excited.

Mortal Kombat X


Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros.

Release date: April 14 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

It’s time to test our might once again in Mortal Kombat X. Stretching for 25 years after the events of the previous game, Mortal Kombat X will have both completely new characters alongside slightly different variations of returning favorites. Speaking of, every character will have three different fighting styles, so no matter what type of player you are, you’ll probably find a style you like in every character. We got to play around with Mortal Kombat X on several occasions, and we can honestly say this is the most brutal Mortal Kombat game ever, with cringe-inducing X-ray moves and shocking fatalities that will make you want to watch them again and again. It feels good to have Mortal Kombat back.

Street Fighter V


Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Release date: TBA 2015 (PlayStation 4, PC)

The king of fighters (no, not that King of Fighters) is finally ready to move in to the next installment. After seven hundred or so versions of Street Fighter IV, its good to know Street Fighter V is in the works.  So far, only Ryu and Chun-Li are confirmed as returning, as well as another, rather obscure character named Charlie Nash. We have no idea if the game will indeed come out in 2015, or the year after that (or the year after that), but with cross-platform play, PC and PlayStation 4 gamers can maybe put to rest that eternal debate of what’s better – consoles or PC.

Tekken 7


Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

Release date: TBA 2015 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

Yes, we know Tekken 7 is an arcade game only at this point, but that doesn’t mean it won’t eventually reach our every own console in our very own living room. We hope that “eventually” means “sometime in 2015”. With a darker story, Tekken 7 hopes to answer a lot of fan questions regarding the feud between Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi, and even explain the origins of the family curse and the Devil Gene. Of course, there will still be a lot of fighting to do with returning and new characters, new mechanics and improvements to existing ones and all that Tekken goodness.

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