As of today, February 1, Nintendo fans in the United States will be able to purchase from retailer two new Amiibo figures: Bowser and Rosalina.

The Amiibo series is Nintendo’s brand new peripheral that launched alongside the WiiU version of “Super Smash Bros.” and grants players the use of special items and abilities in games featuring those specific characters. Recent controversy has befallen the figures due to the limited availability of smaller characters, such as Marth, Villager and the Wii Fit trainer. Straining matters even more is the livelihood of online re-selling of these very toys at almost 10 times the price.

Whether you had any intention of actually playing with this figures is one thing, but their availability is a complete other, meaning that if you had any interest in acquiring them, you need to do so┬ánow. If you don’t, it may be the the last chance you have of paying the regular price of $12.99 for one.

SI_Amiibo_Figure_Rosalina Bowser Amiibo Figure

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