Brand new Final Fantasy XV images have just been released for the whole world to see.

While no new informntion as been revealed yet, the screenshots do reveal some interesting aspects of how this new game is not only designed for next generation consoles, but looks to be one of the first to push the limits of what the systems can do. If you look closely you can see some of the previously showcased attacks from trailers in action with highly detailed textures on everything from particle effects, to clothing, to the ghost trails the main character, Noctis, leaves behind as he attacks.

In addition, there’s the fact that localization is not yet complete as you can tell from the images below. However this has yet to be confirmed.

While no official release date has been confirmed, some sources are citing summer 2015 as the earliest window for its launch, however, according to Gematsu, the game director is strongly hinting at a simultaneous release date world wide.

final-fantasy-15-screen-6 final-fantasy-15-screen-5 final-fantasy-15-screen-4 final-fantasy-15-screen-3 final-fantasy-15-screen-2 final-fantasy-15-screen-1

Source: AGB

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