After a year in the waiting, console gamers will officially get the chance to play The Elder Scrolls Online, the MMO based in the Elder Scrolls universe. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 worldwide on June 9.

In related news, The Elder Scrolls Online¬†will also be switching to a free-to-play model for all PC gamers and console players with an existing subscription to their console’s online service (Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus). In wake of the games dwindling numbers and unsatisfied players, this news is warmly welcomed by console gamers in love with the series and their wallets as well.

However, as always, there is a catch. In this case, there is now an in game market called the Crown Store. The Crown store will essentially be the central hub through which players can transfer real money into in game currency and can purchase future downloadable content swell as armor, vanity pets and mounts.

Players who opt to continue their subscription will be given an exciting amount of free goodies with the likes of 1500 Crowns (in game currency) per 30 day period, an additional 100 crowns for every month they subscribed and another 500 crowns just for being awesome. Returning players will only get the 100 per month and 500 bonus, while new subscribers will simply get the bonus 500.

Lastly are new features to console gaming which includes Proximity voice chat, a feature allowing you to converse and listen to other players who are in the same area as yourself, and an entirely new skill tree for the Criminal class. The one feature yet to be implemented is the ability for former PC users to transfer their accounts onto the console version.

Below you’ll find a very long cinematic trailer that should get you excited to go back to the world of Tamriel, as well as a gameplay video captured from console by Eurogamer.

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