Good news everyone: in celebration of the new year, Nintendo has held their latest “Nintendo Direct” conference to announce all the latest goodies they plan on releasing within the upcoming months. Chief among these are several announcements for The Legend of Zelda franchise.

First is the release of the Nintendo classic title, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, on the 3DS. The game will be landing on store shelves on February 13, just in time for the release of the newest rendition of the handheld console. The game will be fully integrated to the new system’s “C-stick” control, allowing for more precise camera angles and face tracking 3D, in addition to Amiibo support.

The combined release of Majora’s Mask and the New 3DS has prompted Nintendo to announce a limited edition 3DS console themed after the game. This Majora’s Mask edition is available now for pre-order and will also arrive on February 13.

Lastly, Nintendo has also announced that brand new DLC will be available for their Wii U exclusive, Hyrule Warriors. This DLC will be themed after the upcoming title Majora’s Mask as well, and will feature all new costumes along with new playable characters These include Young Link and Tingle, each with their own set of unique abilities that will be sure to bring people back to this fun title.

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