Jason Voorhees, the popular horror icon, is back from the dead in an all new Friday the 13th video game, titled simply “Friday the 13th”. This is Jason’s first appearance since the 1980s NES game.

According to EGM, Friday the 13th is “an asymmetrical, co-operative and competitive multiplayer predator/prey horror experience” where one group of players takes the role of survivors and fights against another player in control of the immortal Voorhees.

The game will reference the classic horror film franchise (though hopefully up to a point), and will also incorporate content from the upcoming Friday the 13th TV series.

“With a new television series on the horizon and plans announced for the thirteenth installment of the film franchise, we felt the timing was right to finally explore Jason, Camp Crystal Lake, and the rest of the Friday the 13th story in interactive form,” said Sean S. Cunningham, creator of the original Friday the 13th film.

“We have some exciting new ideas for a game that supplies plenty of replay value, while delivering the kinds of thrills and scares that fans of the franchise have come to expect.”

Friday the 13th is set to be released in October of this year on multiple platforms to be announced later. Do you think you have what it take to think like Jason Voorhees?

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