Clock Tower, the old-school survival horror series, is getting a new spiritual successor in the name of Night Cry, formerly known as Project Scissors. There’s a live-action trailer below that doesn’t tell much about the game, but knock yourselves out.

Night Cry revolves around gruesome murders taking place on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. The player must find out the killer while protecting themselves and the our passengers on board.

We’re guessing there’s a huge pair of scissors involved.

The project was started by Hifumi Kouno who also directed the first two Clock Tower games. Joining him are composer Nobuko Toda and Masahiro Ito, the man who’s behind the iconic Pyramid Head.

Night Cry is currently in development for PS Vita, as well as iOS and Android devices, and might some day reach home consoles if everything goes as planned.

Thanks Siliconera.

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