If you’re into strategy games, you may have heard, Sega and Creative Assembly have announced a free-to-play entry in the Total War franchise, to be released sometime in 2015.

What you might not know is that sign ups for the game’s closed alpha testing are now open for all.

The upcoming game, dubbed Total War: Arena, is a multiplayer strategy title where each player will take control of 3 units and an iconic commander. Throughout the game, commanders can be customized and as you level up, abilities, skills, weapons and armor become available to equip to your troops.

The biggest deal sealer is the massive 10 vs. 10 matches that will be taking place simultaneously. As a commander of 3 units, you’ll be working with 9 other commanders against other 10 opponents to outmaneuver and outwit them to gain victory.

As with all Total War titles so far, Total War: Arena is a PC exclusive. Nevertheless, even console gamers can enjoy the screenshots below, even if it’s just to see what they’ll be missing.

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