The team behind The Walkng Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and more recently Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones, are working together with Minecraft developer Mojang on a new narrative-driven series in the world of Minecraft. It will be titled Minecraft: Story Mode.


“Set in the world of Minecraft, the series will feature an original story, driven by player choice,” says Telltale Games. “It will not be an add-on for Minecraft, but rather a separate stand-alone product that will premiere in 2015 on consoles, computers and mobile devices.”

Fans needn’t worry though. Mojang has no intention of creating and “official” story for protagonist Steve. He won’t even be in the game. No, Minecraft: Story Mode is simply meant to be “a cool game”.

Minecraft: Story Mode will be a standalone title available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC, Mac and mobile devices. The first episode will be released in 2015.

Mojang was recently bought by Microsoft for ridiculously large bags of money, with the three co-founders leaving the company to pursue other ventures.

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