Turtle Rock Studios has released a new CGI trailer for the 4v1 shooter Evolve. The trailer doesn’t show any new gameplay, but it does reveal the third and final monster to join the hunt – the Wraith.

As its name suggests, the Wraith is a stealth-based monster, preferring to sneak up on the hunters and take them off one by one. When cornered (or just feeling mischievous), it can create an intangible duplication of itself as a decoy. The Wraith may have the least amount of health and armor, but its speed and agility more than make up for it.

When you’re done watching the CGI trailer, continue immediately to the lengthy gameplay video below it. It shows a group of hunters going after the Wraith. Needless to say it proves to be quite a┬áchallenge.

Evolve is out on February 10 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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