Total War: Attila, the next major title in the Total War series, has finally been given a release date. Mark February 17 on your calendars for the Hun invasion, releasing simultaneously in all zones.

Along with the game’s official release date, the first DLC has also been revealed. Titled “The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack”, this DLC (available free to pre-orders or sold separately for £5.99 / €7.49 / $7.99) adds additional playable factions: The Danes, the Jutes and the Geats. Of course, each faction will have their own traits as well as some unique units specific to them, adding even more choices for you to play with.

Finally, the Special Edition has also been detailed. This physical-only edition seems a bit light in terms of additional goodies (see picture below). Apart from the game and the Viking Forefathers Culture Pack DLC you will receive a 64-page book about the life of Attila the Hun as well as a two-sided poster of the game world.


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