You will be able to play GTA V in first-person on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, if you so desire. There’s a a video below that shows how it will look like, and we got to say – it looks amazing.

The first person view isn’t limited to just driving or shooting. You can play the entire game in first-person, complete with all new animations and models. Every car, helicopter and jet has its own highly-detailed dashboard display, and Micheal, Trevor and Franklin each have their own first-person animations.

There are also many little details that help GTA V feel more immersive in first-person. Whenever a character enters an helicopter or jet, it will put on a helmet and goggles that restrict your view. They will also move their heads up and down to the beat of a song on the radio, duck behind the wheel when they’re being shot at, etc.

This new perspective is bound to completely change the way we play Grand Theft Auto V, and I for one can’t wait to play to entire game all over again in first-person.

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