After a beta that drew 4.6mil players across platforms, Destiny is now claiming the title for “Most pre-ordered new IP”. While no specific numbers have been published, it would require at least 8mil pre-orders to unseat the current title holder (Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs) – a respectable figure indeed.


Along with Destiny’s official release, the first paid expansion has also been announced. Titled The Dark Below, it is set to release on December this year, just 3 months after Destiny goes live. A second expansion, of which nothing but the title is known, will release sometime in 2015. Both The Dark Below and the second expansion, House of Wolves are included in Destiny’s expansion pass.

With both Microsoft and Sony offering Destiny as part of a bundle or sales promotion, expect the final figures to skyrocket – a most excellent beginning for a fledgling new IP.

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