Ubisoft has announced a new piece of DLC for Watch Dogs, called Bad Blood. In Bad Blood, players will step into the role of Raymond “T-Bone” Kenny, whom they met in the full game as Aiden Pearce.

Set after the events of Watch Dogs, Bad Blood is a whole new story campaign comprised of 10 missions. T-Bone is just on the verge of completely purging his presence in the ctOS, when he gets a panicked call form an old colleague asking fir his help. Being the nice guy that he is, T-Bone agrees to help the man as a great risk, but he quickly realizes that his friend’s story doesn’t hold up.

As you can briefly see in the trailer above, Bad Blood also introduces cooperative play to Watch Dogs (and an explosive RC car called Eugene). Co-op missions are called Street Sweep, and see two players fighting together through “endless hours of challenges”.

Bad Blood will be released via Watch Dogs’ season pass on September 23, and as a separate purchase on September 30. Here’s a couple of screenshots of the new co-op mode and Eugene.

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