I’ll confess: I thought the vanilla version of Diablo 3, back in 2012, was bad. It was a mess of epic proportions, especially compared to the superb and addictive Diablo 2. It was so different from a game about the primal and biblical evil, and more like a playground plucked straight out of World of Warcraft. Sigh, I’m getting emotional…

Fast forward 2 years. It is now 2014, and Diablo 3 has made quite a number of changes. But did it make enough for me to pick up my staff and fight evil one more time? I’ll give you the long answer first.

The story of Diablo 3 is as straight forward as it can be. You choose a character class out of six¬†available (Wizard is the best, no matter what anyone will tell you), and you quest around the game world in a pretty linear way, gathering loot, strenghtning your hero and vanquishing evil mosnters. It’s ok, but it’s told in a manner that makes you cringe at almost every line of dialog. The acting is still bad, and you won’t find another game that makes uber villains sound even less threatening or more talkative than a Walt Disney villain. Azmodan is a good example of a Prime Evil that just can’t shut up.

Azmodan. Oh how annoying you are.

Luckily, developer Blizzard has made huge changes to the game since than, and this Ultimate Evil Edition is better for it. The abysmal auction house, which was present for the game’s release is no more. Instead of players chasing loot only to sell it for real money, the focus has shift to a more classic Diablo routine of Slay and loot. Mosnters, of course.

And much fun can be had from killing monsters. In the two years since it’s release, the game recieved several content patches, the last of which is the expansion pack (or dlc in caonsole terms) Reaper of Souls. This adds a whole new act with new monsters and bosses to hunt and slay, and new loot to loot. Upcoming patches, already released on PC, will also bring forth more content, Blizzard promises.

Clearing the game’s campaign is just the first step in your quest for the ultimate epic loot. New to this edition is Adventure Mode, which makes the whole map availble to you, adding in activities such as bounties and rifts. True to a Diablo game, some loot takes more work to get through just killing, and those kinds of activities make sure there is just enough veriaty to the game. had enough with bounties? Go rifting in randomly generated dungeons, filled with increasingly tough monsters and slay the Rift Guardian. New to consoles are additions such as gifts, items that drop off monsters and are meant for your friends, and the Nemesis system. A Nemesis encounter happens when a monster kills you friend; it than can jump out into the ether, and appear in your game, trying to slay you. This monster will keep getting stronger until someone slays it.

Chase after bounties in Adventure Mode

If you are a veteran player, you will find the changes to the loot system refreshing. Gone are the days your barbarian will find a bow with boost to intelligence and added damage to a monk skill. Now Your character will find fitting loot, but the variances are so big that you will find yourself always looking to get the better equipment. Your Wizard may find a sword which boosts wizard skills, and the barbarian may find a bow fitting a barabarian (who am I kidding here, what barbarian uses a bow?!).

Chasing the next legendary item can get lonely sometimes, and that is something the NPC followers can help with for a short while with some funny banther. The real action, however, begins when you play the game with three more friends. Blizzard has constructed the multiplayer component to work simlessly, meaning anyone can jump in and out of your game, depending on how you set restrictions, and it works really well. If co-op is getting old, than jump into the arena and duke it out against other player. Don’t worry – all your precious loot is safe.

This is a four men job.

On the PS4, Diablo 3 looks and moves beautifully, and while at some rare occasions it can slow down thanks to overwhelming explosions of magical powers, it’s a gorgeous game to behold. Besides frame rate, which stays at the solid 60fps most of the time, this edition rivals the PC version. If you think that mouse and keyboard are the way, you could not be more wrong. Blizzard has made playing the game with a controller into a second skin. As soo as you pick it up, it will immediatly feel familiar. The sticks control the movement and dodging, and the face and shoulder buttons controll your skills. There is no downside here. It works fast, and you will execute skills like they are some fighting game combos.

I’ll close with another confession. I am utterly enamoured with the Ultimate Evil Editions of Diablo 3. Blizzard has made amazing advancements to make the experience feel better, and not just different. When you hear yourself shouting cries of joy while playing, you know your are playing a good game. When you also hear your friends over voice chat shouting with you, you know that you are experiencing an amazing game. Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition is such a game.

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