P.T. was one of the weirdest announcements last week on Sony’s pre-Gamescom press conference. Why? Well, if you want to announce a new game in the Silent Hill series, you just say so. But no, why do that when you can put a scary as hell interactive teaser on PSN?

It’s quite peculiar really. You can download the teaser to your PS4 for free through the PS store right now, and you can try and solve it’s mysteries on your own. It is set in a hallway with a door leading somewhere, but until you solve what the hell is going on there, that door will always lead you to the start of that same hallway. You can’t lose, so your only option is to get the hell out. Until you manage solving this horror-filled hallway, you will see the beginning of that hallway so many times, you will doubt your own sanity. Especially when there are so many hints around as to what this game is.

I won’t spoil much more than that, but I will say that this is one of the scariest pieces I have ever played. It is pretty scarce on gameplay, but it’s impressive sound design and enemy placement makes it an incredibly unique and refreshing experience.

All just to announce Silent Hills, a new entry in the Silent Hill franchise with Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro at the helm. The game will star The Walking Dead’s own Norman Reebus. Wow, that actually makes sense! What a rush.

It’s quite a shock to realize that what you just played was set up all to announce a new game. It makes you think a little on how game announcement are made these days. It gives you insight into what this game is all about, much better than any video or picture. Hideo Kojima explained that the purpose of this playable teaser is just that – a teaser. He wants us all to crap our pants (figuratively speaking of course).

When all is said and done (and after a change of shorts) this is how game announcements should be made from this point forward; some of them, at least. It is kinda like asking the players “what do you think about this?” Well, my answer is “more, please.”

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