Alien: Isolation is a game that we’re all very excited about – since we got to play it at E3, we couldn’t wait for it to release. We’ve also seen it in Gamescom 2014 and it looked even better.

Now, just a few short months from release, a new trailer entitled “Improvise” is released. In just a few short minutes of CGI, the trailer captures a key mechanic in the game: how being able to work with what you’ve got and improvise with any components you find sitting around can save your life.

This improvisation mechanic, or “crafting system”, was a big part of what we saw at Cologne, Germany. Protagonist Amanda Ripley is a space engineer, so naturally she can grab stuff out of the environment and create all sort of gizmos and toys. We were shown a simple noisemaker and a flare – used to distract the Xenomorph – and a gas bomb for more drastic measures.

Alien: Isolation is scheduled to arrive October 7 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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